What’s In a Door? Choosing the Right Doors for Your Home

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How much thought do you put into the doors in your home? If you’re like most people, it’s not high on your list of to-dos. However, the doors you choose for your home can have a big impact on your family’s safety as well as resale value and the outer as well as the indoor appearance of your home. Here’s more on why doors are important and how to choose the best ones for your needs.

Why are Doors Important?

Just like yourwindows and roof, doors protect your family and your belongings from water,wind, sound, heat, cold, and intruders. A front entry door has the addedsignificance of welcoming you home each day and doors throughout the home areseen (and used) multiple times throughout the day. When you look at it thatway, you can see why simply upgrading the doors in your home can have a bigimpact on how much you and your family enjoy where you live and how safe youfeel when in or away from your home.

Different Roles, Different Doors

Where your dooris located and what its role is in your home will help you determine which typeyou should choose.

Exterior entry doors  

Those doors on the main entrances in your home need to stand up to the elements as well as provide a sturdy barrier between your home and those who may want to enter it. Most people think of wood when they picture an entry door, but newer materials are actually better choices and can even be made to look like wood. If your entry door has a prominent location, it makes sense to spend more for a very attractive door as it will be a focal point of your curb appeal. Those that are located on the side or back of your home don’t have to look as nice, but their insulation and safety features still need to be considered.

Interior doors  

When considering interior doors, you need to focus on appearance as well as insulation as soundproofing is important. Though hollow doors cost less than solid ones, they will transmit sound more easily and can be quite flimsy. It’s especially important to have good quality solid doors on rooms you want to remain quiet, such as baby rooms or the master bedroom.

Patio doors  

Patio doors come in a wide range of options and appearances. They can be of the sliding or hinged variety, some solid and some made up almost entirely of glass. Insulation and appearance are the two big considerations here. If deciding between hinged and sliding, take space considerations into mind. Hinged doors need space to open and are usually more appropriate for larger rooms.

Popular Door Options

At A&ARoofing & Exteriors, we’ve installed doors for years and have seen how themarket has evolved. Today, we encourage our customers to look at threedifferent options: steel, basic fiberglass, and premium fiberglass.

Steel doors are maintenance-free, which is a big selling point. They are also highly durable and provide six times the insulation than wood doors do. They come in a variety of colors and styles and are very affordable.

Basic fiberglass doors are low maintenance and very durable. They’re energy-efficient, making them a reliable barrier between the outside world and your home. These doors can have the appearance of wood without all the drawbacks of wood (warping, need to re-stain, etc.).

Premiumfiberglass is our best product. It offers the feel and look of real wood but ismuch more durable and energy-efficient. Premium fiberglass doors can becustomized, so they are perfectly matched to your needs.

All of the doors at A&A carry a lifetime warranty for your peace of mind. We offer professional installation and are happy to answer any questions you have about new or replacement doors. We install new doors year-round, so you never have to spend another cold winter dealing with an inefficient, unattractive, or damaged door. Ready to upgrade? Give us a call so we can talk you through the options and help you find the perfect doors for your home.