It May Be Time to Replace Your Home Windows

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If you live in the Midwest, you know how brutal the winters can be. Saving money on utilities and keeping your home safe, warm, and comfortable throughout the cold months is a priority for every midwest homeowner. Though many think of roofs, siding, and efficient heating systems as the solution, once you replace your windows it will have a big impact.

The Benefits of High-Quality, Energy-Efficient Windows

How old are your windows? Are they leaking air or moisture? Do you feel drafts in certain rooms or areas of the house? If so, it’s likely that you have inefficient windows. When you switch to high-quality, energy-efficient windows, they will eventually pay for themselves in the form of lower utility costs. Your family will be more comfortable and you won’t have to deal with annoying cold spots. Fiberglass or vinyl-framed windows are also maintenance-free as an added benefit.

These windows are not just beneficial during the cold months. They also seal in cool air during the summer. This results in energy-savings and increased comfort all year long.

Glass Options for Energy-Efficient Windows

There are many different options for glass when it comes to high-quality windows. Low E glass is the safest option for your family. You can also opt for double or triple-pane windows for added layers of insulation. If you choose multi-pane glass, make sure the gaps are filled with an inert gas such as Krypton or Argon as it will form a barrier that heat and cold cannot cross. The frame also makes a difference. Vinyl or fiberglass frames with fusion-welded corners and multi-chambered construction are the best option and insulated frames can be added into a Low E glass package.

How to Know if You Should Replace Windows

Most windows need replacing after 20 years. However, if your windows are leaking air or contributing to higher utility costs and are less than 20 years old, you will still benefit from replacing them. You can also look for signs of degraded windows such as condensation between panes, faded areas on the carpet or upholstery near the windows, and any cracks or broken seals.

If you’re still not sure, get a free inspection by an exterior specialist like those at A&A Roofing & Exteriors to find out if window replacement will save you money.

The Best Time to Replace Windows

The best time to replace inefficient or old windows with newer, energy-efficient windows is right now! The weather is still warm enough that a crew will have no problems making the swap and you won’t have to worry about cold air getting in during the transition.

The typical home loses 30% of its heat through the windows. When you replace inefficient windows with high-quality, high-efficiency options, you can save money while keeping your family comfortable in all seasons. Contact A&A Roofing & Exteriors today for an honest evaluation of your windows.