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A&A Can Help With

Financing & Warranty Options

Financing Options

We have financing options available to homeowners who are looking to add a home improvement or remodel their existing home. A&A Roofing & Exteriors has some unique tools that make it simple for homeowners to plan for a new home improvement or other projects. Don’t let cash flow stop you from improvements to your home. Let one of our sales consultants help to see if you qualify with our financing options and get those projects started TODAY.

We also appreciate our seniors and members of the military and want to help them as much as possible. If you are over 65 or are an active or retired member of the armed forces, please ask about our senior and military discounts.


We stand by all our work at A&A and offer some of the strongest warranties in the industry to prove it. Our warranties are customized to the project and transferrable.

Remember, a warrant is only as good as the company that stands by it. We can work with you to develop the perfect warranty to give you the peace of mind you deserve!


25% off Windows &
10% off Roofing or Siding Installations
Plus 0% Financing Options

Limited Time Offer ends Nov 30th!!