Why Sustainable Exterior Materials Matter

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Home and business owners are becoming more environmentally-conscious by the day. They know that using highly durable, sustainable products for their projects is good for the environment and good for their budget. Using materials that are recyclable, reusable, and have a low environmental impact just makes sense. When looking for an exterior professional to help you with a siding, roofing, or window need, you should find one that works with sustainable materials. This shows they are a good steward of the environment and that they are committed to excellence. Here are four reasons why using sustainable exterior materials and building practices matter when it comes to your exterior project.

1. They reduce the need for maintenance

Sustainable exterior materials such as metal, fiber cement, aluminum, and vinyl are extremely durable. Even in the Midwest where we experience everything from bitter cold and ice storms to summer heatwaves and spring tornadoes, these materials stand up well. When you use low-maintenance materials in your project, you save money. More durability equals fewer repairs and longer periods of time between replacements as well as less hassle for homeowners.

2. They help conserve energy

Usingsustainable building products helps conserve energy in two different ways.First, energy is conserved on a global scale as using sustainable materialsmeans fewer waste products in landfills. Second, energy is conserved in yourhome as sustainable materials and building practices result in better-insulatedand more energy-efficient homes. When you can save the environment and save money on monthly bills, youhave a win-win situation.

3. They improve the safety and comfort of your home

We’ve already talked about how highly durable, sustainable material can help you save energy by insulating your home. This also adds to the comfort of your family during the hot summer months and cold winter months. In addition, homes built with sustainable materials are healthier for those living in them. Sustainable products give off much fewer toxins such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), carcinogens, and mold spores than their non-sustainable counterparts. This improves the air quality in your home and improves the health of your family.

4. They help conserve our natural resources

We allknow that many of our natural resources are non-renewable. When you work withan exterior contractor who uses sustainable materials, you know you’re doingright by the environment. Many sustainable materials are made from recycled orreclaimed materials. These can be acquired without depleting resources and takeless manufacturing to produce. This lessens your carbon footprint and helps youfeel good about the home you live in.

When you work with a Midwest exterior expert who uses sustainable materials, you know you’ve made the right decision. Not only is it a good choice for increasing the comfort, health, and budget of your family, but it also means you’ve chosen a company that cares about our environment. A&A Roofing & Exteriors uses a number of sustainable materials and is always willing to help you make decisions that are best for your family and the planet.