Why Autumn Is The Season To Replace Your Garage Door

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You know you need to replace your garage door, but did you know that autumn is a great time to schedule garage door replacement? Here are a few reasons why a garage door refresh in the fall season makes sense.

The Garage Opening Is Exposed During the Door Exchange

If your garage door lacks insulation or has gaps and holes, your unconditioned garage can get overheated on steamy summer days and frigidly cold on winter days. The air temperature in the garage affects any room adjacent to the garage, including rooms above and to the side of the garage.

During your garage door replacement, your garage will be exposed to the outside temperatures. When you have your replacement garage door installed in the milder autumn months, you don’t expose your garage and home to extra cold or warm temperatures while the garage door is off its tracks.

During the winter, you’ll appreciate the new, insulated garage door you installed this autumn. Insulated garage doors buffer outdoor cold temperatures to help keep vehicle batteries from freezing. An insulated garage door reduces your winter and summer power bills and may increase your future home appraisal by as much as four percent.

Installing a Garage Door in Winter Is Tricky

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The Midwest sometimes experiences strange weather patterns in winter. On Monday, the sky could be sunny and bright with cool but not frigid temperatures. On Tuesday, a blizzard may roll in and cover the roads and driveways with snow.

The unpredictable nature of winter in the Midwest makes it difficult to reliably plan garage door repairs during those months. If you wait until your non-insulated or broken garage door is on its last legs, and it happens to be winter time, you may find yourself rescheduling your garage door replacement a few times before suitable door-replacement weather arrives.

Garage door professionals replace garage doors quickly and without a lot of disruption to your household. However, if you need emergency garage door repair during a cold snap, extreme winter elements can extend any wait for a new garage door.

Freezing rain, icy roads, and other cold-season conditions create travel and work challenges for garage door repair crews during winter weather events. Strong winds and precipitation can enter your open garage and create slippery conditions on the garage floor, ladders, and step stools.

Sub-zero temperatures can even lead to frostbite on hands of garage door pros, who must finesse wires, springs, and other precision mechanical parts to set up your garage door correctly. Most garage door repair specialists enjoy a challenge, but you and your garage door installer will have a more comfortable experience when you trade out your old garage door during milder autumn months.

Reliability Increases With Improved Mechanisms

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Some garage door mechanisms and components are sensitive to temperature changes. If you had issues with your garage door opener performing sluggishly this past winter or summer, replace the opener now to ensure the device doesn’t suddenly quit on you in the depths of winter.

If your old garage door opener is a screw-driven style device, the mechanisms in the opener may be sensitive to extreme summer and winter temperature swings. Replace the screw-driven garage door opener with a more reliable opener in a different style or with improved temperature tolerance.

Ask your garage door installer to recommend a garage door opener that handles the temperature fluctuations in your neighborhood. Your garage door installer is an excellent source to learn more about the best types of garage doors and openers for your specific lifestyle and micro-climate.

Upgrade your garage door opener in autumn to a model with battery backup as well as good temperature tolerances. Both autumn thunderstorms and winter blizzards cause power outages, but you can rest assured your garage door will open and close even when your household’s electricity is down if you have a battery-powered opener. Your vehicle won’t be trapped inside your garage during utility outages, and you won’t be stuck outside your garage on bitter winter nights.

New Smart Garage Doors Make Autumn Trips a Breeze

Upgrade your garage door opener to have the ultimate in flexible garage access during autumn. Smart garage door openers activate with apps on your phone or other connected devices.

Did a teen forget to close the garage door after they left for school? You can close the garage door via your phone. Are you at work unable to let visiting out-of-town friends into your home? Activate your garage door opener remotely from your work computer to let your guests enter and make themselves cozy until your workday is over.

Whether you choose a replacement garage door with a smart opener or another type of new garage door opener, a fresh new opener makes it easy to come and go. With school back in session and special holidays to celebrate, autumn is an ideal time to update your garage-access efficiency.

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