Walk-In Bathtubs Help Prevent Fall Risks

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Additional Bathroom Safety Elements

The majority of household accidents take place in the bathroom, and for seniors who are already at an additional risk of falls and accidents, this is an important consideration. At A&A Roofing & Exteriors, our safety and walk-in tub options help many seniors bathe comfortably without worrying about significant safety concerns.

Along with a walk-in bathtub, there are a few other accessories you can consider in the bathroom if you or a loved one is in need of some additional safety and support. Here are a few features that will go a long way toward complementing your walk-in tub.

Safety Bars

Generally found in a wall-mounted format, safety bars are a great tool for a number of different bathroom activities. They can help people rise to their feet or sit down, two of the most common movements that lead to accidents in seniors. They can also help with balance and avoidance of slipping, especially when wet floors might be present. Look to install these near the toilet and in the shower cubicle itself, if appropriate.

Shower Bench

Many seniors tire more easily, and for those in this situation, a shower bench can be perfect. It’s an easy way to retain the sensation of a shower without having to stand for the entire time. It helps seniors rest their legs, and can also be great for anyone who struggles with balance. Make sure the seat is comfortable upon purchase – an uncomfortable perch could lead to discomfort and separate physical issues.

Floor Runners

Another common addition that can help prevent slipping and dangerous falls is floor runners, generally found in carpet form. These are cozy and soft on the feet, and they also help prevent any slipping and resulting injuries that could occur.

How Walk-In Bathtubs Help Prevent Fall Risks

For seniors, members of the handicapped population or anyone struggling with movement or balance concerns, preventing falls from taking place is of the utmost importance. Particularly for those whose bodies are becoming more fragile with age, such falls can lead to major injuries and other risks that should be avoided at all costs.

At A&A Roofing & Exteriors, we’re proud to offer portable hydrotherapy walk-in bathtubs that serve as an excellent resource for fall prevention within the bathroom, among other qualities. Which characteristics of walk-in tubs are most directly designed for fall prevention and safety, and how do these features benefit their users? Here’s a basic primer.

Low Step Threshold

Firstly, walk-in bathtubs make the entry and exit process for seniors or others with movement issues far easier and lower-impact. This is done with a much lower step-in threshold than you’d find on other bathtub types, which require the user to lift both legs fully above a threshold that’s usually a couple feet off the ground, if not higher.

Walk-in tubs come with not only a far lower threshold but also an easy-use door that opens conveniently for the user to step in and out. This door is sealed with water-tight technology when it’s closed to ensure there are no spills that lead to slip risks outside the tub. Instead of having to step over two feet of height to get in, seniors can step just a couple inches and stay far safer.

Grip Flooring

Also known as non-slip flooring, grip flooring is a product used in virtually all walk-in tubs to minimize the “slip” element of slip-and-fall accidents. While many bathtub surfaces are nothing but porcelain, which becomes extremely slippery when wet and often causes those with balance or movement issues to fall, grip flooring offers far more traction when wet. It has strong texturing that removes high slipping risks, rather allowing users to easily move around without any concern of slipping and falling out of control.

Handholds and Grab Bars

In addition, walk-in tubs feature a number of specific assists for balance, namely handholds and various grab bars that can easily be included. These allow for users to maintain their leverage as they step in and out of the tub, an important factor for many who struggle with balance. These kinds of handholds are not generally present in most bathrooms or bathtub areas, but they’re vital inclusions for many who worry about the result if they do happen to slip or lose their balance despite the other characteristics of the tub.

For more information on bathroom safety or for any of our other services, speak to the experts at A&A Roofing & Exteriors.