Vinyl Siding & Stonework: A Match Made In Heaven

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Whether you’re trading in your beloved cedar shake for a low-maintenance vinyl alternative, or you’re simply looking to upgrade your existing vinyl with a new style or color, your home improvement options don’t end there.

Vinyl is a durable, cost-effective, and (in our humble opinion) beautiful siding selection but some of the most beautiful homes get a little help from the addition of stonework. If you’re planning a home makeover, let your imagination wander over the possibilities before you commit. These are just some of the types of stonework that can enhance the beauty of your home.

Why Include Stone?

Before we jump into the types of stone, let’s explore why stone is such a great complement to vinyl.

If you’re an avid cedar fan and have switched grudgingly to vinyl, you may love it in a year when you find out how easy and lovely it really is, but in the meantime, the addition of stone can bring in that natural, earthy element that you may be craving. Whether it’s “the real thing” or a man-made variety, stone has an appealing aesthetic prized by homeowners.

In addition to feeding your connection to Mother Nature, stone façades improve the curb appeal of your home. That’s great whether you want to make the neighbors jealous or increase your resale value. In fact, installing stone or stone veneers on the exterior of your home has been shown to provide one of the highest returns of all home improvement projects.

Stone also offers a contrast in textures. By good home design principles, variation in textures creates visual appeal. When you’re working with large expanses of space (think: the vast outside walls of your home) incorporating multiple textures can create architectural interest.

And finally, stone has the advantage of being just as durable as vinyl. It comes in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles so that you can choose the perfect one to suit your personality and your home’s design.


Fieldstone is one of the oldest building materials that is still used today. It has roots in Pennsylvania, New York and the mid-Atlantic states where it has graced architectural structures for centuries.

Its irregular shapes and warm colors have a unique character that looks different from home to home. Color palettes can range from the rust reds and dark grays of a farm yard to the lighter pinks and sandstone hues of the desert. The range of colors makes it perfect for pairing with a complementary vinyl of your choice.

Fieldstone and fieldstone veneers can withstand all the wind, rain, and snow that New Jersey has to offer. It’s durable, sturdy, and will look great for years to come.


The design of Ledgestone is evident in its name. Picture the traditional fireplace-style stacked-stone look, and you’ve got Ledgestone.

The dimensional surface, rough edges and varying heights and widths add distinctive beauty and character to your home. Spaces between stones create dramatic shadows that change with the sun, casting light and dark in completely unique ways from day to day and season to season.

Ledgestone has a more regular feel than the random shapes and sizes of Fieldstone and can come in as many colors, in palettes that evoke everything from the seashore to the desert dunes.

River Rock

Tumbled by a river’s flowing waters, the rounded edges and smooth surface of river rock has a look and feel all its own.

River rock facades tend to have stones that are larger and bolder. Some varieties can be over a foot in diameter! This can be great for drawing attention and adding a truly personal touch. River rock is often prized for the facing on steps and retaining walls around porches.

It is most often found in the grays and muted browns associated with a riverbed and can be especially striking against a water-blue vinyl.


Limestone is similar to Ledgestone in its stacked effect, with smoother edges and more regular square and rectangular shapes.

This stone represents the natural earth tones used in architectural structures dating back thousands of years. The texture of Limestone can vary from coarse to fine, and can be adapted to suit a variety of home styles, from urban to modern to rustic.

Much like all of its stone cousins, Limestone is virtually indestructible, uniquely charming and easily matched in color, texture and style to many vinyl siding options.

If you’re considering a home improvement project and want to know more about your siding options, let us know. We can help you choose a vinyl color and style and pair it perfectly with a stone façade that adds beauty, curb appeal and brings out the unique personality in your home. Get in touch for a free consultation and estimate.