Seasonal Considerations For Roof Replacement

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Spring cleaning tends to bring many home improvement projects to light and a roof replacement is often top of mind for homeowners that experienced leaks, drafts, or soaring energy bills during the colder months.

From the perspective of roofing contractors, Spring is the best time to replace your roof. Winter can be a bit too cold and, in snowy climates like Nebraska, tricky to navigate weather patterns. Summer heat can be difficult for both roofing contractors and the materials. Fall is by far the most popular time to get your roof replacement which means contractors often have long waiting periods.

Spring rain, hail, and even snow are the only downsides to replacing your roof in Spring. Weather delays can be frustrating, but experienced roofing contractors will accommodate accordingly to keep things on track.


Late spring through early fall tends to be the busiest time period for roofing contractors and each period of the season comes with its own set of pros and cons.

Late spring to early summer is an ideal time for a roof replacement. This period of time tends to be when demand for roof replacements starts to spike and you may see an increase in price and a decrease in contractor availability.

Mid-summer can be a challenging time for roof replacements. The extreme heat not only makes it difficult for the workmen on your roof and severely limits the time period they can work each day, but it can also affect the roofing materials themselves. Certain materials can start to melt in extreme temperatures, making them less durable and more prone to damage.


The days shortly following Labor Day are the best to get your roof replaced. The combination of cool (but not too cool) temperatures and stable weather make this the busiest time of year for roof replacements.

Replacing your roof in the middle of our busy season can come with some drawbacks. Roofing contractors are often booked up months in advance and it can be challenging to find a time that works for you. The popularity of the season also tends to drive up prices as the demand increases. One other risk you will face is the possibility of your replacement extending into winter if your contractor is delayed for any reason.

If you are planning a roof replacement in the fall, the team at A&A Roofing & Exteriors highly recommends that you plan in advance to ensure you are able to complete the project.


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Winter tends to be a tough season for roofing contractors. When temperatures dip below freezing replacing a roof becomes difficult. Shingles need thermal sealing in order to set and in the cold months, it can take days or weeks to happen. Shingles can also crack if they get too cold during install.

In addition to the general issues the cold weather causes, snow, sleet, and ice can make conditions extremely unsafe for contractors. There may be days that your contractor is unable to work on your roof due to the potential dangers.

This does not mean that you cannot replace your roof in the winter months if it is the only season that works for you or you find yourself facing a roofing emergency. Roof replacement in winter just requires a reputable contractor with experience in the conditions.

No matter what the season, the A&A Roofing & Exteriors team is here for you. Our team has experience working across all seasons in the Midwest climate and is able to get the job done at any time of the year.

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