Open vs. Closed Valleys: Learn What it Means For Your Roof

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Have you ever heard of open and closed valleys when it comes to roofs? Many people have, but they don’t really understand the difference—or why it matters. A valley is basically where the roof plans intersect and is the most vulnerable part of the roof. If a valley is not properly installed, water can get into the home and cause damage. In roofing, there are two different types of valleys, both with advantages and disadvantages.

TheClosed Valley

The most popular type of valley used by roofersis called a closed valley. These are used most often due to their aestheticqualities and because they are fast and easy to install. Closed valleys do notrequire extra materials and feature shingles installed across the area wherethe planes intersect. Those installing residential roofs often use them becausethey are very cost-effective. However, ice and water are not shed as quicklywith a closed valley and could lead to the granule loss on the shingles. Also,depending on the type of shingle used, the thickness and weight of the shinglemay cause them to not lay flat across the roof joint.

The OpenValley

With an open valley, a sheet of metal is fastened to the roof at the joint. The shingles are then installed to the roof, then cut and sealed where they overlap the metal. An open valley system sheds ice and water more quickly and could help minimize granule loss, leading to a longer-lasting system. This type of valley can have aesthetic appeal if properly installed and it’s easier to fix problems down the road with an open valley system. The downside to open valleys is that they are more expensive to install and require ordering additional materials for the installation.

As the homeowner, you get to decide if you would like an open valley or a closed valley. Our experts at A&A  Roofing & Exteriors will help you decide what would be best. For a free inspection, please call A&A Roofing &  Exteriors to schedule an appointment or visit our contact form page. A&A  Roofing & Exteriors is your local roofing, siding, and windows experts and we’d love to help you with your project.

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