Set Your Home Apart With Siding & Trim Color Combinations

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One of the most important exterior features which deliver protection to your home on a daily basis is its siding. Besides helping to define your home’s curbside appeal, siding serves several important functions. It protects your home from the weather elements, defends against moisture and pest infiltration, and can also contribute to your home’s insulation capabilities. However, depending upon the siding materials used and on the quality of their installation, some problems can occur over time.

Siding Is Important for Its Functionality & Essential Benefits

There are many ways to cover the side of your home, but it’s important that any siding material you choose be able to provide some basic features. Siding is one of your home’s most important frontlines of protection, so you really need it to be both weather- and pest-resistant, and it also needs to be long-lasting. Siding is something you don’t want to have to replace any more often than you have to!  Fiber cement siding is a very sturdy, durable material in this regard. Vinyl siding is another great option that’s durable, cost-effective, and also offers some helpful insulating properties to help keep your home more comfortable.

The Right Siding Can Also Really Add to Your Home’s Aesthetics

Aside from its functional benefits, siding also plays a key role in the curbside appearance of your home. Today’s fiber cement and vinyl siding materials come in a myriad of styles, designs, and colors. If having some real aesthetic appeal to your home’s exterior is important to you, then you’ll be pleased to know that modern siding gives you lots of options for personalization and customization.

Some Great Siding & Trim Color Combinations to Consider

Which colors or color combinations would be best for accenting your home’s architectural features? Would certain colors be more desirable for helping your home to match its natural and other surroundings? Or perhaps you don’t care so much about blending in; maybe your primary goal is really to set your house apart from all the other neighbors! No matter what look you’re going for, here are some colors and combinations that are worth considering for your home’s siding and trim:

1. Gray:

Gray siding can help lend a more sophisticated vibe to your home. It’s a neutral, balanced color that considered to be both timeless and practical. White trim makes for a perfect contrast to practically any shade of gray siding.

2. Green:

The color green symbolizes life, renewal, and energy. Using green for your siding can help add a more organic element of freshness. Green siding with gray and/or copper-colored trim also works well in complementing the warm hues of any existing brick faces.

3. Red:

Red is a color more traditionally associated with barns and other agricultural structures, but the right touch of red can really help to set your home apart, too. As an accent, red works well with almost any light shade of siding. Alternatively, you could choose a red as your siding’s main color to make an even bolder statement. Using beige for the trim would be a nice way to brighten and bring more warmth to any red siding

4. Blue:

A blue house with white trim is really an American classic look. And no matter whether you choose a deep blue or a lighter, mistier blue, you really can’t go wrong by choosing a white trim to match.

5. Beige, Tan, & Brown:

Beige and tan are both popular neutral colors for homes all across the country. And since they’re both essentially shades of the same base color (brown), they pair well together. Whether you opt for tan siding with a light beige trim, or choose a beige siding with darker tan trim accents, both options will provide your home with a more earthy vibe.

6. White:

What about a white house with white trim? A white-on-white look can really help to bring out the rest of your home’s more subtle exterior features. White themes like this continue to be popular for older homes, or homes modeled after a vintage style.

7. Shades and Contrasts:

Another option to consider is using different shades of the same color. This creates visual interest, contrast, and depth. And you aren’t limited to using different shades just for the siding and trim pieces themselves. You can also apply similar shade variations to your doors, windows, and other accent pieces as well.

If you’re considering a home improvement project and want to know more about your siding options, let us know. We can help you choose a vinyl color and style and pair it perfectly with a stone façade that adds beauty, curb appeal and brings out the unique personality in your home. Get in touch for a free consultation and estimate.