5 Reasons To Invest In A Storm Door

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Have you ever wished there was a way to bring light and airflow into your home? If your windows just aren’t cutting it a storm door may be the solution. A storm door is a unique type of door that is installed in front of your existing entry door which provides both ventilation and protection. Storm doors can provide additional insulation in the winter and airflow in the summer.

What Is A Storm Door?

With the option of screen or glass inserts, you’ll be protected in any season. A&A Roofing & Exteriors is a door installation expert and if you’re looking to replace your front or back door, we suggest you consider adding a storm door as well. Storm doors can provide many advantages such as:

Front door protection

Storm doors play a crucial role in providing front door protection when a storm hits. With A&A Roofing & Exteriors storm door installation, your entry door will be protected from the effects of harsh weather which may batter and damage it over time. A storm door can ultimately save you money because it will shield your front door from the harshness of our winters and pounding summer rains which will extend its lifespan.

Extra security

Not only does a storm door offer longevity to your entry door, but it also provides extra security to your household. Just like any other door, this door comes with an extra lock that works as a deterrent to any intruder who may decide to pay you an unwelcome visit. On a warm day leave your front door open and enjoy the sweet summer breeze and peace of mind a locked storm door can bring.

Get more light with less bugs

During the spring and summer, most of us prefer to let in natural light and its accompanying warmth. If your windows just aren’t cutting it, a storm door may be the right fit for you. If you currently have a regular entry door, you’re familiar with the struggle. When you open it, light and air can whisk through the home, but we also welcome uninvited guests such as bugs, flies, and other pests. A storm door can help prevent all of those issues. The screens in your storm door will trap all of the bugs on the outside while the sunlight and air pass through freely.

Increased energy efficiency

The opening between a storm door and your main door creates an airlock. This airlock can seal out cold or warm air and help lower your energy costs. Give your heating and cooling systems a break by updating your front door system. The amount of money you could save in electricity, in the long run, could pay for your door update.

Add more style to your home

Storm doors come in different styles which you can choose from based on your preferences. This gives you the option of installing a door that matches your house. If you need some guidance while selecting an entry and storm door, don’t worry – A&A Roofing & Exterior is here to help.

Considerations To Make Before You Buy A Storm Door

Here are some items to consider if you’re thinking about buying a storm door:

1. How many storm doors do you need?

Ask yourself if you want just one storm door for the main entrance or would like them on all the entrances to your home.

2. What kind of material is your entry door?

As we noted above, if you have a wooden door, a storm door is a great idea. If your door is composed of material like aluminum or steel, especially newer doors that may be better insulated and more energy-efficient, you may not need a storm door. But if you have an aluminum or steel door that is not insulated, a storm door can provide you with better energy efficiency and keep the doors looking better for a longer period of time.

3. How old is your entry door?

The older your door, the more likely it is to have inadequate weatherstripping or be warped. Older wooden doors can also have cracks or nicks in them that aid the conduction process, transferring more cold inside your home. With almost all older doors, regardless of what materials were used in their construction, a storm door will help them better insulate your home and help them last longer.

4. What are your heating and A/C habits?

If you already have many energy-efficient habits, such as keeping the thermostat around 68 degrees when you’re home or only using your air conditioning in the summer when you absolutely need it, you may not need a storm door as you may be doing enough already to keep your home energy-efficient. But many of us don’t pay enough attention to things like turning down the thermostat or turning all the lights off. Adding a storm door to the mix is an inexpensive way to help make up for these perfectly human foibles

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