10 Tips to Prepare For A Roofing Replacement

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When the time comes to replace your roof the team at A&A Roofing & Exteriors, as well as the many other roofing companies, know that our clients tend to be focused on the budget, start date, and duration of the project. Since the work is occurring on the roof of their home, they tend to forget that there are other considerations to be made.

In order to make your roof replacement as seamless as possible, there are certain preparations the team at A&A Roofing & Exteriors suggests you make before the work begins. A little bit of preparation beforehand will go a long way in ensuring that both the interior and exterior of your home are ready for the project.

Below the A&A Roofing & Exteriors team is sharing our top 10 tips to help you prepare for a roofing replacement! Keep reading below to learn more.

Remove ceiling and wall decorations

When work is being completed on a roof, all roofing companies know that means vibrations that are felt through the entire house. These vibrations can affect the walls and ceilings in your home. To prevent any art, photos, and other objects from falling be sure to take them off the walls and store them somewhere safe prior to work beginning.

Think about your kids and pets

Loud noises, strange visitors, and of course dangerous tools and objects are all concerns to think about for kids and pets. Think of ways to keep them calm and safe during the roof replacement. Sometimes, that means keeping kids and pets out of the house while work is being done, other times it means talking to your children about the situation. Do what works best for your family!

Protect items in the attic

The attic is right below the roof so it is the most susceptible area to the vibrations and debris from your roofing replacement. Move any valuable objects out of the attic for the duration of the project and cover the rest of the space with a tarp to prevent dust or damage on your possessions.

Move patio furniture and grills

Most roofing companies in the area recommend that you move things such as patio furniture, grills, children’s toys, and anything else you don’t want to get damaged before the work starts. Although it is never our intention, things are occasionally dropped or debris are blown away. When that happens the last thing anyone wants is to damage your property!

Secure your windows

Debri falling from the roof can scratch or damage your windows. For the duration of your roof replacement, you may want to consider boarding them up to prevent this!

Simplify your contractor’s job

All roofing companies will thank you for helping to simplify their jobs! By doing little things such as moving your vehicles in the morning and identifying nearby electric outlets will help make our job easier and more efficient!

Trim your grass and trees

In order to make your contractor’s job easier and safer, be sure to trim any overhanging branches before they begin their work. Not only will this protect them, it will also protect your new roof from punctures and holes. Most roofing companies will also recommend that your trim your grass. This will make it easier to see any nails, tools, or other materials that are dropped or blown away during the installation.

Schedule your satellite dish re-installation

All roofing companies will tell you that if you have a satellite dish, it is likely that you will need to remove your dish and have it reinstalled following your roof replacement. Work with your cable provider to schedule this accordingly.

Turn your sprinkler system off

If you have your sprinkler system on a timer, be sure to turn it off for the duration of your roof replacement.

Be a good neighbor

If you live close to any neighbors, let them know that you will be getting a roof replacement and make them aware of the estimated time frame for the replacement. Be considerate of the hours your roofers will be working and on particularly noisy days try and have them start a bit later as not to disturb your neighbors.