10 Common Commercial Roofing Problems

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Commercial roofing problems are an unavoidable fact of building ownership. While repairing roofing damage can be frustrating, there is some good news! Many commercial roofing problems are extremely common and partnering with a reputable roofing contractor such as our team at A&A Roofing & Exteriors for regular inspections and seasonal maintenance can help detect the most common problems early on.

Today the team at A&A Roofing & Exteriors is sharing the 10 most common commercial roofing problems we encounter as roofing contractors. Keep reading below to learn what you should be looking out for and if you notice any of these warning signs give our team a call to schedule a free inspection!

1. Roof Leaks

A leaky commercial roof is one of the most common problems that  roofing contractors see. Preventative maintenance can help offset this risk and acting quickly when you notice a leak in order to prevent the further spread and potential damage is crucial.

2. Poor Workmanship

A faulty installation or poor quality workmanship will increase the likelihood of issues and reduce the life expectancy of faulty installation or poor quality workmanship will increase the likelihood of issues and reduce the life expectancy of your commercial roof. When choosing a roofing contractor for your commercial roof installation choose a reputable contractor with a proven track record of quality work and customer service.

3. Improper Materials

Using improper roofing materials for a particular climate, building structure, and even building usage can cause major issues. Make sure you choose a roofing contractor with experience.

4. Lack of Maintenance

To maximize the life expectancy of your roof a preventative, routine maintenance plan is a critical component of building upkeep. When building owners fail to regularly inspect their roofs or act quickly on necessary repairs, they risk small issues turning into larger ones. Work with A&A Roofing & Exteriors on a customized maintenance plan for your building.

5. Blow-Offs

High wind uplift like we sometimes see during Midwest storms can cause roof blow-offs. This occurs when winds hit the side of a building and then continues over the top. The space created between the moving wind and your roof can cause a suction effect, pulling weak materials off. Quality workmanship and materials can help mitigate this risk.

6. Pooling Water

Pooling water on flat, commercial roofs is common when drains are clogged or the roof was designed incorrectly without a high enough pitch for proper drainage. If you notice pooling water is an issue, schedule a roofing contractor to clean your drains and inspect for further problems.

7. Punctures

One of the great things about flat commercial roofs is that they lend themselves to space utilization. While this enables building owners to maximize space efficiently, it also means the roof is heavily trafficked. Walking on the roof can cause punctures and tears in the membranes, damaging the structure. Always exercise caution when walking on your roof and only do so when necessary.

8. Damaged Flashing

Flashing is installed on walls, curbs, and around objects such as the chimney to help deflect water from roofing seams and joints. Improperly installed or damaged flashing is one of the leading causes of roof leaks.

9. Incorrect Repairs

If a repair is done incorrectly through faulty workmanship or incorrect materials, this can turn a small problem into a major one. To help prevent this always work with a licensed roofing contractor with a strong industry reputation.

10. Shrinkage

Certain types of commercial roofing materials can expand and contract with temperature changes. This expansion and contraction can cause your roofing structure to warp over time, breaking joints, and causing leaks. Regular inspections will help you catch shrinkage early on and allow proper remediation.

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